Wednesday, 30 January 2013

#1 Model Simran Singh

She is an Eve living in the 'Lost Paradise' as a 'Forbidden Fruit' to be visually savoured as an 'Apple of every Naked Eye.' 

Introducing to the uninitiated, all the way from Cape Town, South Africa, Simran Singh,  one hot cookie, brazen and brash on one hand but who can soften you with her amiable nature on the other. 

Coming from a business class family, she is not all boobs and butt, but brains as well. A Science student, she is currently studying hardcore Economics, and has been a professional model since the last few years. 

While she admits she has no long-term plans as she loves to take things on a day-to-day basis, she adds to says, that she loves shopping and lazing around on her couch. 

Following is the interview:

1) In a nutshell, tell us about the persona in you.
-  You gotta know me for it all…but in shorter shell…I'm totally chilled hang-ups gal.!!

2) How did you make your foray into modeling?

-   Noticed by people in this line..moreover won my college events…hence the beginning.

3) What has been your career highlights thus far?

-   Nothing noticeable for now..but I'm  going to foray into Bolly soon.

4) The world of glamour is certainly not a bed of roses and you have to deal with pricks along the way. As such, could you tell us about the ‘thorn in the flesh’ experiences you might have had?

-  Would not go into much detail but yes Initially in Delhi…I was pushed into doing an assignment...turned out to be my first and that too a lingerie.

5) What are the different types of shoots you do/ not averse to? 

-   I'm doing everything within the print shoot range and within that I am concentrating on concept shoots for now, letting myself be me ;) 

6) Modeling can involve exposure. How open were you to the idea when you first did it? 

-   My decision was taken in a hustle, I didn’t think much like I was in a trance because the subject was really good, however realized when I ended up bare naked in a studio with ample crew members.

7) The most daring shoot you have done …

-  Daring and adventurous must say…we took on the streets early in the morning when no one was around, I would dash out from the makeup van and pose in a by-lane or a deserted street or close to a park and dash back inside…wearing not much ;)  huh!! 

8) Has your boldness as a model landed you into trouble?

-  Don’t want to discourage others, but I guess this happens in every profession.

9) Making compromises as a model. Comment.

-  Compromise…Yes…lol only on my pay!!

10) The cheesiest line or pass made to you that you can never forget …

 -   Oh loads!!...don't get me started..

11) The best compliment you have received …

 -   Oh loads!!...again…guys can be cute boys sometimes.

12) What keeps you going in a challenging field as this? 

 -    It’s a new day every day.

13) How supportive have your family and friends been?

 -    Friends have been…family knows I model but they have no clue what exactly I model ... phew!!

14) How do you handle negative feedback?

 -   Just smile ..listen and walk, think later.
15) The one shoot that you dream of …
 -   I've answered that in another interview actually… Getting myself photographed black and white in the buff, with as many men around me wearing tuxedos…quite a shot that would be!! supremely classy and sensual!  

16) You have a body to die for. Can you share with us the secret?

 -   Just eat right and exercise.

17) What does the glamour industry mean to you? 

 -   Money and being glamorous itself till it lasts.

18) Describe your fashion sense and style.

 -  Anything that’s fits well and looks amazing.

19) How would you define beauty?

 -  Beauty is Eternal ... the rest can be handled by good makeup.

20) What would you wear on a hot date?

 -  Something that gets loads of attention and rolling eyes.
21) What is the wildest thing you have done? Romped ... Streaked ... Skinny-dipped?
 - Only skinny-dipped, in Goa that too and at two in the night first, and then got guts enough to try at a secluded place during day-time. So that would be the wildest thing done. 

22) What is that something that is interesting or unique about you?

 -   Prefer to keep it to myself… you got to know me to know it eh!!

23) Modeling apart, what interests you?

 -  Dancing, shopping 

24) Advice to girls wanting to take up modeling as a career …

 -  Follow you heart, keep a cool head, take chances and do not limit yourself.

25) Message to the youth of today …

 -    I ain't no Mother Teresa to do that, read her books if so, thou shall prevail.

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